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Association for Positive Ethical Exchange (Apex)
Mission is to increase the credibility and professionalism of web site awards, within the Internet Awards Community.

AstroWeb Consortium

Content Bridge
Alliance of web service providers to link their networks into a single content-delivery service using the content peering concept, and share billing and revenue.

HK Web Symposium Consortium
International forum for critical reviews and reporting on the developments in the use of the Internet.

International Webcasting Association

International World Wide Web Conference Committee

Thai Webmaster Club
Providing seminars and activities for club members.

Web 2.0 Workgroup
Network of weblogs that write content about the new generation of the Web.

Web Design and Developers Association
Nonprofit trade association of ISPs and Internet professionals.

Web Standards Project
Developers fight to stop the fragmentation of the Internet, by persuading the browser makers that common standards are in everyone's best interest.

Created to help the cyberconsumer avoid questionable business transactions on the Internet.

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