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A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation
Chat with an artificial intelligence named Alice, or find resources for the Alicebot and AIML free software.

Features a chat client and server accessible both by IRC and by web browsers.

Alternative online community. Home of bianca's Smut Shack.

Chat Circles 2
Move your circle around and join the conversations of others.

Free classifieds, auction service, and chat rooms; localized versions available for cities worldwide.

Delphi Forums
Offering a variety of message boards and chats.

For the People
Offering a variety of voice chat rooms with several different topics.

Habbo Hotel
Teen chat in a 3D environment with avatars.

Offers instant messaging chat service which connects Web site visitors with live sales person and customer service agent.

A cross between the hypermedia of WWW and Usenet News. The basic idea is to allow readers to respond to any articles or responses they read in the HyperNews web.

ICQ Chat Rooms
Offers a directory of public chat rooms available for users of the ICQ messenger service. Chat in languages including Arabic, French, and Spanish and check out chat rooms that include topics such as love, religion, and regions.

MSN Chat
MSN's subscription chat service, allowing users to meet new people online, join or create chat rooms, and participate in celebrity chats.

Sociable Web, The
Describes a Web-based conferencing system.
Online chat community where members can chat one-on-one or in themed chat rooms, create a personal profile, play games with other members, or make a private chat room.

Online dictionaries, language courses, translators, and more. Offers resources for the novice language learner to the professional linguist or translator.

World Without Borders
Web-based chat community.

Yahoo! Chat
Yahoo! Chat offers rooms to chat with your friends online, join or make themed rooms, or use real-time voice chat. Also includes an international version to talk to people around the world.

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