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Writing Content
It's been a lot of thinking until now and it's time to start clicking those keys. Put thinking aside for a while and just let the words flow from your mind through your fingertips to the keyboard and onto the screen.

Choose one of the headlines from the sitemap you wrote. Start with what you know and with the subject you find most interesting.

The trick here is first putting down on paper (I know it's screen but paper does sound better) everything you have in mind about the headline you chose. Don't bother about style, spelling or even grammar just make sure to put down in writing all you know, under the different sections you outlined.

Skip between the sections if you have ideas.
This stage is like emptying your cupboard; just throw out everything you have on the subject.

There are two ways of doing this and it depends both on your character and on your mood:
  1. You can go section by section and write all you know going over all of them and then starting one by one to go deeper.
  2. Another way is to write all you know about one subject and then go deeper into it before you move to another section.
Each of them has their advantages and disadvantages, simply do what you enjoy. If you get caught in the section you started with and it interests you, stay with it and keep on writing before you move on to the next one. Remember, enjoying yourself while writing will help you create content that your surfer will enjoy too.

Write down questions that you have while writing. When writing, you will probably have things you won't understand fully or subjects in which you'll be lacking information. Take notes and write down your questions and things you need to check. Usually it's best to keep these notes for later checking, however, if you feel that checking a certain piece of information is essential for the continuation of writing, take the time to follow the lead.
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