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Make Your Content Sell


Although writing is also a question of talent, it is definitely something that you can learn and that everyone can always improve.

Deciding on your style has to be in direct relation to the subject of your site and the potential customers (See - customers profile). Once you know what your style should be, go into other sites that address the same kind of people and read the content.

  • There are many different ways to write and you will probably feel yourself whether the content is good or poor writing. Reading different texts will quickly sharpen your skills and widen your writing techniques.
  • The other way to improve is simple - practice makes perfect. Don't stop writing. Try and write what you want to say in as many different ways and styles as you can.
  • Write in a personal manner when you recommend a product. Make sure you know about the product you're recommending and write what you think about it.


    The quality of your content is not only the information you provide. It is also what products you decide to incorporate in the text and how.

  • Write only about products that are relevant to your customers. Don't try and crowd your site with products it just makes your site look less professional.
  • Provide basic and useful information about the product when you advertise it. Make the information sound attractive. For example: buy this tomato will be a sentence less affective than "buy this juicy red tomato - on sale, enjoy the rich taste and texture"
  • Providing additional information such as articles, tips, stories and any other things that come to your mind helps your customer feel that not everything is about getting him/her to spend money. Don't bombard your customers with banners and ads without giving them something in return. Balance between the two. Your words of appraisal about a product will be far more efficient if your customer felt that these are not the only ones you know how to write.

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