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Content FAQ

 Do I have to write my content myself?
You don't have to write the content yourself. If you feel that this is not your strong side or that it will take you to much time that you prefer to invest in other aspects of your site, you can have someone else write the content for you.

Still, make sure to take someone that knows how to write for Internet sites and be specific about what you want. Also, always double check and read the text. Make sure that its quality is high enough to fit the rest of the site.

 How can I be sure about my main sections?
If they make sense to you and to another person that you gave for another check than you can be sure they are right.

 How can I make my writing more interesting?
Usually, something that doesn't get to the point or that is incoherent will be less interesting to read, so these are the two first things I think you should check.

Second, remember that it is very hard to judge a text you wrote. Give it to someone whose opinion you appreciate, and then ask about the text. If the person says that it isn't interesting, ask him\her to be more specific. What part wasn't interesting? What do you think will make it more interesting? Your friends' opinion is extremely important because these will be your readers.

Once you did this, the best way to improve is to write the same thing you want to say in as many different ways and let someone read all of them and hear there opinion as to the best one.

 I covered my subject but I don't have enough content - what can I do?
There is so much to be written about anything. What about articles, funny related stories, personal experience? If you have all these too, check out what might be side hobbies of your site visitors and write about them. If you still feel stuck, write to me about the subject and I'll be happy to help.

 I have writers block - how can I overcome it?
First, stop thinking. Your writing doesn't have to be fancy or even interesting at first. Take that pressure off your mind.

Second, take a deep breath and something to eat or drink, smile to yourself - it actually helps.

Third, hopefully, the subjects you chose interests you. Why does it interest you? Write the answer to this question. Once you do this, explain about the subject. Don't stop until you wrote everything you have in mind. Only now go back to the sitemap and use the small sections for direction.

 Where can I find information about my subject?
This of course depends on what your subject is, however, apart from surfing the web you can always use books, studies and researches that have already been written about it.

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