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Building Customers' Profile

The customer profile you build will determine the style of your writing and also many other decisions you will make. The questions I ask my self, help me answer the main question - who am I writing for?

Create your surfers profile by using the following categories:
(Even if you don't have any customers yet, you can answer these questions fairly according to the subject of your site)
  • Average age
  • Dominant gender
  • Main reasons for entering the site (pleasure, business, help etc.)
  • Possible hobbies or side interests

    Answering these questions is trying to estimate the average and there will always be many of your site visitors that will fit only part of your profile or not at all. Still, having a general customer profile provides good basic guidelines.

    If you're not sure about the answer or if you think that there may be significant exceptions write them down.

    For example, I did the same when I wrote the content for this site.
  • Average age - 20-30.
  • Dominant gender - male.
  • Main reasons for entering the site (pleasure, business, etc.) - business - to make money, learn more about making money.
  • Possible hobbies or side interests - computer related hobies (- actually almost anything.)

    When I write this I keep in mind that I may have made mistakes and also that things can change - always keep an open mind.

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