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Building The Sitemap

Creating your sitemap is actually deciding what you want your site to include. Write down everything that you think is relevant. When I do this I let one question guide me – what would I want to read about this subject?

Once you have written everything you had in mind, start dividing them into main sections and smaller ones that are part of them.

Going into details and very small sections will help you start writing. Make sure you put each of the small sections under a bigger one that includes it so that your information is organized.

Even if you can’t organize your sections at first, don’t worry. The main thing is that you have headlines of what you want to write about and so starting will be much easier. As you continue writing, the order of the sections and the way of dividing the subjects will become clear.

If you’re not sure of things, go to our sitemap to get some ideas about the way it is built and what it includes. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes – nothing is final. New subjects will come up as you write and you can add them on and others will change too. The important thing is to have what to start with.

Once you have a general sitemap you have done most of the really hard work. Writing will be much easier.

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