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The best way to make money
Step 1 - Know The Game
Step 2 - Choose Your Subject
Step 3 - Building Your Site
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Step 4 - Choosing Affiliate Programs

Now that you have your own site, it's time to choose the affiliate programs you want to work with. There are two basic criteria that I take as guidelines when making the decision - connection to the subject of the site and quality of the program.
  1. Relation to subject
    A visitor that arrives at your site came because of interest in the subject. He will probably be interested in certain products and/or information that are related to this subject. By being affiliated with sites that are connected to your subject you provide your visitor with useful and accessible information and products. This results two things:

    1. You build trust; the visitor knows that he can find useful information and smooth links to the things that interest him.
    2. You enlarge the chances of a purchase since you have a visitor that is interested in the products you are recommending.

    There are many affiliate programs out there and there is almost no limitation on the number you can register in your site. This results very often sites that look like a clattered notice board advertising almost anything. A site like this will quickly be deserted.

  2. Quality of affiliate program
    You want to be sure that you're working with the best affiliate programs.

    As you probably noticed there are many affiliate programs. Once you narrowed them down through the subject filter you are left with less but still many to choose from. When you choose your affiliate program you are actually choosing a business partner and contract. As such you want the program to be.

    I took three parameters through which I check the various programs - reliability, profitability and a good business opportunity. For each one I wrote a few questions that by asking them you will be able to determine the quality of the program you are checking.

    These questions are the ones I ask when I review affiliate programs.

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