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Step 2 - Choose Your Subject

Now that you know what affiliate programs are, it's time for the next step - choosing your subject.

The subject is the theme that your site will be about and deciding this will be one of the most important decisions you will make. Your interest in the subject and the ripeness in the public market are the two factors that will determine how much money you make. Let's take a closer look at the two:

  1. Be interested in the subject:
    Your interest in the subject is the first key to a professional and successful site.

    Although it might seem strange that this will be the first parameter it is in fact the most important one. Being board with your own site will create the same feeling for your readers and will quickly bring you to nowhere.

    Your interest in the subject of the site will make your work enjoyable and fun. Even more - you will want the site to be professional, accurate and helpful and you'll want to be proud of what you are doing. Naturally your site will be one that people could trust and so your traffic will grow steadily. Being enthusiastic about your site will bring you to update it and improve it constantly. In a way you will see it in the eyes of an Internet surfer that wants everything to be easy and smooth with all the information available.

  2. Make sure your subject is ripe in the public market:
    This second parameter is the one that will make sure you actually have traffic.
    It's simple to understand that if you are only one of 50 people interested in a certain subject, it won't matter how professional your site is - your traffic is extremely limited and you can kiss money goodbye.

    In the opposite scenario if your subject is one that everyone is writing about for the past year and the net is overflowing with sites about it - you will find it very difficult to create a place for yourself. The trick is to find a ripe subject. One that many people are interested in but still the Internet doesn't provide a satisfactory site that deals with it.

  3. Combining the two
    Now of course what you need to do is to combine these two parameters in order to choose your subject. Knowing what you're interested in is probably simple. Finding out if that subject is ripe or not could be slightly more difficult. Following the next actions will help you determine the answer:

    Action A
    Check you're subject through a search engine using a few different keywords and see how many sites exist. Remember, if there are no sites, your subject might be over focused. If there are millions, your subject might be over chewed.

    Action B
    Once you found a subject that you see people are interested in but still the internet isn't overflowing with sites about it, check to see if this is a subject that can grow and develop, a subject that isn't a dead end. Something people will always need or want.

    Action C
    Go into a few of the main sites about the subject and see if you have anything to improve. It's important that you'll be sure that you have something to give that doesn't exist in any of the other sites.

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