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First Steps
The best way to make money
Step 1 - Know The Game
Step 2 - Choose Your Subject
Step 3 - Building Your Site
Step 4 - Choosing Affiliate Programs
Step 5 - Registering
Step 6 - Getting Serious
First Steps
Welcome to wizard affiliate programs beginners' section and congratulations on making your first step on your way to become rich. In this section I will help you have a smooth and fun entrance into the world of affiliate programs.

If this world of affiliate programs is indeed new to you, you are in for a pleasant surprise, making money can be something you enjoy and even quite simple. Anyone can learn how to be an affiliate and start earning money, all you need to do is follow our beginner's steps one by one and you're on your way. Let the show begin.

If a meaning of a term isn't clear enough or if you feel you need a more detailed answer to a question you have, visit the terms or FAQ section.

At any time or stage if you feel you need more, you are invited to send me an email me and I'll be glad to help you.

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