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As a Webmaster you are mostly passive and dependent on the customer to show interest in you. Newsletters give you the opportunity to make an active step in promoting your website and benefit your customer.

The newsletter is a periodical letter sent to your visitors and it is up to your decision what it will contain. A newsletter can provide new facts about your site, sales, opportunities; news or anything else that you think is relevant to your customer.

Your creativity and the effort you put into making your newsletter one that your customers will enjoy receiving and will find valuable is one of the best ways to create a long term relationship with them.

Your newsletter should aim to achieve the following:
  1. Create another link between the customers and your site.
  2. Give them new reasons to visit your site such as new content, special deals and offers.
  3. Create a stable relationship of trust - Provide relevant information that interests your customers. Save the advertisements as part of the newsletter and not as THE newsletter. You don’t want your newsletter to be Spam.
The more passionate you are about what you are writing and the more you enjoy it – the better your newsletter will be.

  • High quality content
  • Keep an updated site
  • Newsletters
  • Customer service
  • Keep an open mind

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