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Just before you start working to improve your web site customer maintenance it’s essential to understand the importance of it.

The easiest way to explain this will be thinking of your site customers as guests. Imagine how difficult it would be to find people on the street that will be willing to come up to your house. It’s so much easier to have your friends over. Web site visitors are just the same. Although convincing new people to visit your site is something that you can and will do, getting people that already know you, to come again is much easier.

 Returning visitors are the people with the highest buying potential for more than one reason:
  1. They know what your site is about and they came for the knowledge and/or products that you provide.
  2. They trust the information that you give and your recommendations of products.
  3. They are the people that can spread the word about your site and increase your traffic with no extra effort from your side.
  4. In the same way money attracts money- people attract people. Having a strong returning traffic will generate more visitors to your site.

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