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For many people, knowing that they can get help also by phone makes them feel more confident about the site.

Personal communication
Although the phone can seem out of date when it comes to Internet marketing, it has huge advantages.

The first of them is that your customers can speak to a human being - many people need that or at least the knowledge that it's possible in order to be able to trust the site.

Immediate help
The phone also can provide on the spot help that in some cases is very important. If for instance your customer is trying to reach a product that you have a link to and the link isn't working, the phone help is immediate and will give your customer the feeling that he is taken care of. Also you won't loose a customer just because of technical problems.

In this case if the customer can only send a mail he will probably send it and leave the site. If he has the possibility to use the phone he will stay online with you while you are taking care of the problem and will most likely continue with his purchase once the problem is solved.

Phone service is one of the first things your customer will check when testing your sites' credibility. It's the most common way for a customer to check if he/she can trust a site or not.

Phone service can be given in two different ways:
  1. 24 hours - around the clock
  2. Working hours
Remember that although it is always best to provide round the clock service, the more important thing is that you stand behind the promises you make to your customer. Make sure that your service is a useful one and that if you provide 24 hour it is really so.

If you provide phone service during working hours only, make sure to be clear about the hours so that your customers won't be calling at different times and assuming there is no cover for the site because there isn't an answer.

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