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Email is the most natural and convenient way for a website to serve its customers. Giving your customers an Email address at any opportunity will make your customers feel that someone is there for them. A common and natural way to do this is to place a small icon for sending an Email on every page. A nice "contact us" page is also a good way to create the feeling that you are there for them.

The dialog through email is on a personal basis since in almost all of the cases you will be answering a person that asked you a question or wanted your response about something. The reason it's so important to remember this is that your customer is a person and wants you to respond to him in that manner.

Another thing to remember about email is the time factor. Make sure that the response for an Email from your customers won’t take too long and that you answer their questions fully providing all the information they need to overcome the problem they raised.

Last but not least is keeping in touch. If you can, follow-up is something that will let your customer know that you really care. If a person took the time to write, he is one that you should want to have coming to your site, showing interest also after the technical answer you give can only do good.

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