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The Oscars of the internet

In 2001 for the first time in the affiliate industry those merchant and marketing programs that work especially hard started getting the respect they deserve: thanks to Be Free - the affiliate solution provider- who launched its ingenious Acclaim program.

At a time when many programs were closing and filing bankruptcies The Be free Acclaim Program was an encouraging breath of fresh air for all those businesses struggling to survive. Creating a healthy competition, each merchant now had incentive to be the best!

The Be Free Acclaim program works on a basis of acclamation points. These points are given to merchant programs that meet the demands of be free. Demands designed to keep a certain affiliate friendly standard.

Firstly the merchant program must feature on BeFree's Fast App affiliate application. The criteria that must be met includes such things as timely and accurate reporting and payment to regular affiliate communication as well as providing affiliate partners with the assistance and support needed.

The program was introduced in hopes of creating and sustaining exemplary business practices and successful, profitable marketing partnerships. The Acclaim program provides a sort of quality control system- allowing merchants and affiliates alike to know who they are up against and which companies are considered best at what they do - the more points the higher the ranking.

BeFree's vision is one of continuing improvement within the affiliate industry- from a technological perspective as well as the standard of business practice. Those who have most to gain from this program are of course the millions of affiliate partners who through Be Free marketing programs drive billions of impressions each month.

Merchants and marketing programs that take a pride in their work have been encouraged to raise their standards as a result of the program. Those customers of Be Free already running first class programs when the Acclaim program kicked in were finally recognized for their achievements.

Affiliate partners can now evaluate and select merchant programs that suit them best- according to the acclamation points the programs have been awarded for their cooperation with affiliate partners.

Be Free conducted research and came up with a list of criteria that if met ensure positive experience for affiliate marketing partners. Each merchant program listed on Be Frees Fast App is reviewed against this set of criteria. Programs that do not meet the Acclaim criteria remain on the Fast App without the Acclamation Point. New programs get four months to get into shape before being evaluated for the Acclaim Program So the Criteria:

  1. Pay affiliate partners monthly
  2. Send payments to partners within 35 days of the payment period end date
  3. Provide partners with 14 days advance notice of any compensation changes
  4. Provide Be Free with timely and accurate transaction information
  5. Post an e-mail address for support inquiries on and respond to inquiries within five business days
  6. Be in good standing with Be Free Optional Criteria (3 out of 4):
    1. Use BeFrees automated payment scheduling feature
    2. Provide monthly e-mail communications to partners
    3. Maintain complete and current partner application data
    4. Complete BeFrees training course for the BFAST system
With this list in mind it is safe to say that BeFree have contributed to the effort in building stronger affiliate marketing partnerships and enhancing the affiliate partner experience.

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