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Performance Metrics on Advertisers, Publishers & Ads Respond to the Lack of Accountability in CPM Advertising Model:

Thanks to Commission Junction it is possible today for publishers and advertisers to measure how effective their ads really are. By creating what has been called an open market place for pay-for-performance advertising.

Commission junction organizes statistics on the success of its client's advertisements - based on how many visitors they successfully convert into paying customers. This way all advertisers and publishers using the pay-for-performance model can measure the results of their various commercial endeavors.

This system is one example of the advantages to be had in affiliate marketing as opposed to the CPM advertising model. It allows for a smarter type of advertising- with more information in hand the advertisers and publishers working with commission junction improve their decision making ability and bring in more customers than ever before.

With access now to reliable data on the success or failure of different ads, advertisers and publishers can base their decisions on facts not intuition. Allowing advertisers and publishers to go into a contract with a new advertising partner (before placing a new ad) with much higher awareness level of its likely success and possible problems. It is this marketplace that sets cost-per-action rates and not, as in the past, the results of negotiation.

As the only net work working only on a pay-for-performance basis Commission junction is responsible for billions of impressions on the web each month so as you can guess their initiative paid off as more and more businesses join them- they are one of the web's largest advertising network.

The system works on average earnings per one hundred clicks. Advertisers and publishers can check out how many visitors on average are converted into paying customers and give an idea of the potential success still to be had.

Based on the amount of commissions paid or earned each advertiser or publisher is ranked accordingly on the Network Earnings list. Anyone working on the network can seek out this list and know where they stand in relation to the competition so to speak.

In the past a lot of guess work had to take place when it came to pay for performance advertising. Now publishers already know which ads are most effective and can use this new knowledge for their advantage in raising sales and getting good leads.

Commission junction has created a very handy tool that allows both sides to make informed decisions. This provides an efficient and effective way for clients to manage their advertising campaigns, something that had previously been missing in this industry.

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