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Affiliate Marketing versus CPM

During the short span of its spam history, the affiliate industry has taken a lot of abuse. Its activities have been labeled as scams, pyramid schemes, Junk...basically guilty of wasting user's time.

The criticism of course is directed at the strategies of affiliate marketing. Many dismiss the affiliate marketing model as being a cheap ploy for e tailors to scam Webmasters into assisting them with low cost new leads.

Of course when further investigated it would seem fair to say that this criticism generates mostly from CPM based internet advertising - an industry itself guilty of similarly flawed marketing ploys. Luckily for the affiliate industry it does have its supporters. Those who believe it are alive and well and here to stay, getting better all the time.

Can the effectiveness of these different advertising enterprises on the net be measured?

Well, publishers have yet to be held responsible for the impact made by straight impressions, unlike the models of cost-per-sale and cost-per-click of affiliate programs.

Many publishers are unaware of the benefits of conversion tracking. In fact there seems to be no proof whatsoever that online advertisements have a branding effect despite the efforts or wishful thinking on the part of Web publishing industry.

On the other hand ROI has been the trick of the trade in affiliate marketing since it started up. It is incredibly easy to use - marketers using an affiliate program see the precise amount of conversions and accordingly figure out pay out.

It is easier than ever to put high return advertisements up on a site even for specific target audiences of specialist publishers. With such a wide range of programs out there to suit publishers needs, joining a program and placing your message on your site is no problem especially when compared to the complicated process of running an inside sales organization.

In fact the future of the industry looks brighter than ever. Marketers and Affiliates alike can get to know each other and what to expect from the others performance, prior to even signing a contact.

For marketers nowadays it would seem their best affiliate partners are affiliate publishers using the trust worthy ROI system in marketing thinking. Gaining more appreciation - and work- than their CPM based peers.

Part of CPM's failure could be traced to the problems within impression based online industry. This impression based online advertising is weakened by discrepancies inherent in impressions used. These discrepancies appear in up to thirty percent of the campaigns' entire range of impressions. Despite efforts of publishers to hasten business in, CPMs' low figures have become a recurring embarrassment.

So despite the hustle Affiliate marketing gets for being cheap and low you can not argue with the hard cold facts: Affiliate marketing can be proud of how it holds up against CPM advertising as serious competition.

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