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Traffic directing

An affiliate program can choose how to use each of the different link types in the way that will be most profitable and convenient for the customer. The Webmaster can decide where he wants to direct his traffic.

Home page
Linking to the home page means that a customer that will click the link will arrive at the home page of the merchant site and will find his way from there.

In this case the customer is linked directly to the product he is interested in - a specific page inside the merchant web site.

In some cases a registration is needed in the merchant web site order to perform an action. In these cases or when registration is part of the purchase the link can be straight to the registration form.

This kind of link is actually creating an illusion of staying in the same site while the customer has in fact been directed to the merchant site. The customer views a special page of the merchant site that maintains the logo and design of the affiliate program.

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